Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Braunfels/Austin 2011

Last weekend Corey and I headed to New Braunfels and Austin....without our babies:(
As much as I was looking forward to a little time away, and boy did we need it, I still missed the girls like CRAZY!!! Thankfully she was in the best hands possible, my sister Camille. I am pretty sure Madeline never even knew we were gone. Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am to you Camille...I love you sooooo much!!!

On our way into Austin we were going to pick up Christi and Scott to go float the river, but poor Scott got food poisoning and couldn't go:( They did end up meeting us after for dinner.

Here are some fun pics of our trip!!!

right before we got on the river

loading up the cooler

We ate at the cutest restaurant in Gruene

such a sweet picture

then we went dancing at Gruene Hall.....oh my..did we have fun!!!

This is our second time doing this trip....I really hope it can become and annual thing.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

15 months

Oh Dear...I am sooo behind on this post.
Madeline and I headed to the dr. last week for her 15 month check-up.

She is absolutely perfect!!!
She weighs 20 pounds and is 33" long...still tall and skinny")

She is now walking and all over the place.
Eating all the time...pretty much would eat all day if I let her. She walks around signing "more" constantly. It's really cute.
I would venture to say I have a bit of a "willful" child.
Or maybe she just has a strong personality...either way she is just precious to me.