Friday, December 23, 2011

early christmas gift

I just couldn't take it one more had to give Madeline her BIG gift early.

We decided to get her this Pottery Barn chair a while ago, actually after she saw her friends and wouldn't get out of it. It is kinda pricey, at least to me, so I had to find a way to cut the cost. I had originally thought I was going to order it online and have them monogram it, but after seeing how much it would cost and that they would only monogram it in white I was discouraged. Then I remembered we had a store close by. They told me they actually had it in stock (saved on shipping) and then they told me I could take it to a place to have it monogrammed. That place was way too expensive so, to save a little more, I monogrammed it myself. I really would have liked to have had her whole name on it, but my machine can't do it that big.
Over all I am thrilled about the money we saved and I do like how it turned out.
I as you can see the little sweet pea loved it too......

and then it became a toy

Merry Christmas Madeline

christmas decorations 2011

I am just now getting around to posting our decorations.
I didn't do as much as usual and I'm really ok with that.
Madeline has been in awe of the tree since the moment we put it up. She has been pretty good with the ornaments. We have only broken three so far and I might add those were on Daddy's watch:)

Close up of our Nativity set that we inherited from my parents...LOVE

Half bath

This tree is Madeline and Hannah's and it is in their bathroom for all to enjoy:)

Last year I had to come up with a way to display our cards. I decided to get tiny clothes pins and cover them in glitter. Then I hung a greenish ribbon and was able to attach them with the pins. I have 2 of them flanking the kitchen. I love looking at all those smiley faces each day.

Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

our last playgroup

Today was our last playgroup:(
The saddest part was that I took a ton of pictures of the table and then got so distracted by all of the kids that I forgot to take pictures of them.....
so....enjoy the table scape.

fun water bottles

i made "believe" bells for all of the kids

Breakfast with Santa and Polar Express

My Mom's group at church hosted "Breakfast with Santa" this weekend. It was a huge success and a ton of the money goes back into the community:)
There were games, face painting, and a balloon artist...Madeline LOVED the balloons.
Hannah had a tennis tournament, but was able to come at the very end.
We had a great time.

such a big girl coloring

That evening we did one of our families most favorite traditions.....
We all bundle up on the floor with tons of blankets and hot chocolate and watch Polar Express. This year Madeline was able to watch with us for about 30 minutes.
It was a lot of fun.

silly girl

merry christmas

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

lost halloween

Oh Dear...I found some more Halloween pictures I guess I just forgot to post. Oh, and I am soooo behind on blogging I don't even know what to say.
Enjoy our lost footage....

me and the cutest nerd and duck around:)

Madeline ran into Brock her, sure to be, boyfriend.

happy halloween!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

trunk or treat

Tiffany invited us to join them at their church's trunk or treat on Saturday night.
Madeline(ducky) and Robby(spider man) were so cute together.

Loving this time of year!!!