Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the many faces of madeline

One day I decided to chase Madeline around with my camera...boy did we have fun and boy did I get some funny poses.
Here is my girl.......

...running away from me

...giving me the "stinky" face

...laughing at me

...saying "whatever, mom"

...perfect profile

....so sleepy

...pouty face

I cherish every moment I have with this little stinker....

Love you, Madeline Rose

hannah turns 11

Well...this sassy thing turned 11 a couple of weeks ago....isn't she the cutest.
She would probably KILL me if she knew I posted this picture....but what are step-mommies for:)

We decided on pink and orange for her decorations.
And I did the WORST job of taking pictures of all of the details..that is becoming my thing...forgetting to document all the cute stuff.

the favor bags..thank you christi, she is so talented.

Madeline wanted to be apart of everything her sister was doing....so sweet.

Hannah requested a "cake ball H" for her party.

I took this picture at the end when I realized I had forgotten to take any pictures....oops:)

I think she had a great time and I loved doing it for her.

Monday, September 19, 2011

end of summer fun

Because the summer here in Texas was BRUTAL... we had to find some fun, but refreshing activities to do.
Madeline has a huge love of the outdoors, as well as water.
So what could be better than fun with daddy in the sprinklers!!!!

She really could have spent the entire night out there.