Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Is this really happening???
Are we really celebrating my baby girl's first Halloween?
It is CRAZY!!!!

Hannah dressed up, this time, as a Texas Tech football player and Corey is her coach...cute!
Madeline was a Ladybug, but if it got too hot she has her Texas Tech onsie on so she can be part of their team too.

I was a, very last minute, farmer.

(we tried different angles to see if we could get a such luck)

Hannah with some of her friends from school

Our girl strolling along

We had a very nice time, but it was short lived. I had to get her home to eat and go to sleep.
So much fun while it lasted.

love to you all!

Weekend recap

Friday night we had our Mom's group Halloween party.
Hannah invited her best friend from they are all dressed up

Saturday, Madeline and I went to Julianna's volleyball game.
She is so cute in her uniform.

Nana and Pop were there too....
Madeline was just staring at Pop...she loves him:)

And I LOVE her.....

Hope you all had a fun weekend.
love to you all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TuTu and a Mobile

A sweet friend of mine asked me to make a tutu for her daughter's bumble bee Halloween costume. I had never made one before, but boy was it easy!!! This is not the best picture, but you van kinda see how it turned out. I am so excited to make Madeline tons of these!!!

Then, I decided that poor Madeline must be so bored when she lays in bed. I have never had a mobile in her crib, mostly because I did not like the way they selfish, I know.
I saw another mommy knockoff the Pottery Barn flower mobile and thought, "I can do that!!"
Here it is......

I love how it turned out and I think Madeline likes it too!
Here she is laying in her bed.

Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 1, 2 and 3 of "make my baby sleep through the night!!!"

I should have started blogging about this 3 days ago when we started, but to tell you the truth I was just too tired to do much of anything.

Since my sweet little girl is now 6 months and has not figured out how to sleep through the night, I finally decided she needed a little help. (and really, so did i)

Night 1
I put her down at 6:30, her normal bed time. Around 8:30 I heard her, now usually I would have gone in there and hugged her, fed her, what ever she needed, but I let her cry. She cried for 40 long and excruciating minutes. Corey and I sat on the couch trying to decide how long we could take it. We decided we would not let it go longer than an hour, thank goodness it didn't.
After that she woke up at 12:00am, I went in and did feed her...the book said I could:) I heard her again around 2:30ish and she cried for 25 minutes and then around 5:30 when she cried for another 40 minutes. At 7:30 she woke up talking and very happy. I was sure she was going to look the other way when she saw me and forever hold a grudge. Thank goodness she didn't. Needless to say I got very little sleep that night.

Night 2
I put her down around 6pm, she was very tired that day. This time I didn't hear her until 11:30 when I fed her. I was so exhausted and you think I would have slept that whole time (6pm-11:30pm), but nooooo, I was way too worried about her...why hadn't she woken up, was something wrong??? Is it bad that when I did hear her at 11:30 I was VERY happy?
Anyway, I think she woke up again around 3am, but it must have only been for a second cause I never really woke up. She was up crying at 5:30 for 25 minutes and then up for the day at 7:15am. Again, she was happy and grudge holding for this little girl. I was starting to think I was doing the right thing.

Night 3 (last night)
She went down at 7pm. I did not hear her until 12:30am, when I fed her. I know what yall are thinking...why in the world is she going in there and feeding her????...right??? Well, I just couldn't let her transition cold turkey. I will work on that next....I promise:), I think I heard her again around 3am, but she went right back to sleep. And then not again until 7 am!!!!! She was so happy and sweet and I have now realized that I AM doing the right thing for her and me. I woke up with Corey at 6 this morning and couldn't believe how rested I was. It's amazing what a little sleep will do for ya.

I am so proud of her and myself. I wanted to go in and rescue her so many times, but I'm glad I didn't. I only hope this continues.
Wish us luck.
love you all

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

6 months old

WE went to the dr. yesterday and here are your 6mth stats.....
weight: 14 lbs 15 oz (25-50 percentile)
height: 26.3" (75-90 percentile)
head: 16.3" (25-50 percentile)

He said you are going to be tall and skinny, now what I want to know are who are you parents??? Neither your daddy or myself have EVER been described as tall or skinny. It will be so fun to watch you grow.

I can't believe it little girl, but you are 6 months old today!

Here's what you have been up to.....
We go to the dr. on Friday, but I am thinking you are around 14 pounds. You are long and skinny.
You do NOT sleep through the night, but we are working on it.
You take 2-3 naps a day totaling 4 hours.
You wake up very happy every morning.
You LOVE getting outside. We are now taking a morning and afternoon walk.
You love your excersaucer and being on the ground on your back the most.
You are very happy when we lay you in your bed, I think it is comforting to you.
You do not like rolling over, you just prefer for someone to help you along.
You sat up for a couple of seconds on your own and it was so cute.

Here's what you are eating....
You nurse every 3 hours.
You love food and have not turned down anything I have offered you, kinda like your daddy:)
You have had:
butternut squash
sweet potatoes
rice, oatmeal, and barley cereal
You eat 2-3 ounces twice a day..that seems like a lot to me and you usually still want more.

Madeline, you are a pure joy to me and everyone around you.
Everywhere we go people stop us and say how cute you are and how happy you are, I tend to agree.

I love you so much, but could you PLEASE slow are growing up way too fast.

Love you,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Rememberance Day

Today I am remembering my four precious little babies who are in Heaven.
The past two years I have never really wanted to celebrate this day. This year is different for me, I have my Madeline now. And I know that some how some way God needed for me to lose those four babies to get here be with my Madeline.
I can never understand why I had to endure such pain or why any mother would have to endure such pain, but I do know this....I am a better person, mother and wife because of it.

I love my God
I love my four babies in Heaven
I love my Madeline

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Night out

The night before last the three of us went out for a night on the town....or at least that's what we are calling dinner and window shopping:)
We were a little nervous about trying to go to dinner at 7pm without a reservation, but to our surprise we walked into Mi Cocina and were seated immediately!!!! Madeline did usual...such a sweet girl.
Here are a few photos of our night out.

Mommy and her girl

Madeline a daddy giggling at each other

FC Dallas Game

Last night the Garretts invited us to go the an FC Dallas game. Who knew when we accepted the invitation I would not see one millisecond of soccer. We were much too busy chatting and eating...what we do best.

Here are the guys with Madeline

Sweet Little Robby

Tiff and Madeline...2 beautiful girls

We had such a nice time...thanks for the invite Garretts!!!!


Madeline tried peas for the first time and she loved them!!!!
I know you can't tell by these pictures, but I promise you she did.

I have enjoyed so much making her food. There is some sort of pride that you get knowing exactly what is going into her little, precious body. I will also say that it's not that hard or time consuming and it is saving us a TON of money.
I just love her to pieces.

Lunch with Nana

Yesterday, Madeline and I had lunch with Nana at one of our most favorite restaurants...Bistro N at Nordstroms...yummy!!!

It was a lovely day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween shirt/First time in the grass

I wasn't too impressed with the Halloween shirts I have found in the store, so....I decided to make my own!!! And, really, I just wanted to match my girl when we go to the pumpkin patch. I know, I cheesy, but she is my first baby and I admit, I am a little cheesy...I can't help it:)

I really like how it turned out.

Aunt Camille took Madeline outside today and she sat up, for a second, all by herself!!!!

Just look at this face....oh how I love her!!!!

Burlap runner and Jeans!!!

I saw on a blog somewhere this incredible idea...
a burlap runner.

here is what you need

  • burlap
  • scissors
  • white t-shirt
  • measuring tape
  • glue gun (not pictured)
I just laid out an old runner that I had to get the right measurements of the burlap.
Then I cut up an old white t-shirt double the length of the short end of the burlap and made ruffles and glued them on to the ends of the runner.
This is what you get......

I'm not loving where I have it right now, but I do love how it turned out.
So cute and so easy!!!!

Look at me....I am wearing my very first pair of jeans!!!
I guess we should really call them capris cause I had to buy here size 0-3mths to fit her tiny waist, which made them a tad bit short....oh well, she is still pretty cute.

(pardon my toes)