Saturday, November 28, 2009

The nursery

My wonderful husband has been working tirelessly to get the nursery finished. And we are almost there. I have been documenting since we is what we have so far......
first he had to sand the walls, what a mess, to get them ready for the bead board to be applied
all the baseboards had to be replaced and here is the bead board going up
the bead board is up and the chair rail has been put into place....pretty
the walls have been painted a very creamy milk chocolate...delicious. Thanks kelly for your guidance in picking the color.

my very dusty husband taking down the ceiling fan that will be replaced with a chandelier

the crib with Madeline's beautiful bedding

the almost completed room
Corey did such an amazing job and we are blessed and lucky to have him.
I think some custom shelves are in our near future plans.

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

Before we actually have a holiday in this family it seems we must have some sort of pre-party to get the holiday started off right. As if the day of food is not enough.
We usually go to El Fenix the night before Thanksgiving or Christmas, but this year we decided on an old favorite from our neighborhood we grew up in..Tupinambas.....such good mexican food.
Now, not everyone could make it, but 14 of us did. I told you, we never do anything small.
Me and my beautiful sisters.

H and her cousin Jules.

Me and my family.
I promise there were lots more, I am just not so good at remembering to take pictures.
It was a great kick off to the eating frenzy that continued until....well, it's actually never stopped. Gosh, I love being pregnant.
Love to you all.

Black Friday

I can hardly believe that I am actually admitting to the fact that Corey and I got up at 4:15 am to go to Walmart. Go ahead, make fun of me, it was insane!!! I have never seen so many people trying to get a good deal.
We were on the hunt for a 32" tv for our bedroom. We saw that they had one for $248!! Now that's a pretty good deal if you ask me. And since we were going Camille, my sister, asked us to pick one up for her too....why not, right?

This is the line we encountered for the tv we decided on. Walmart pretty much has it figured out, but with so many people it was just crazy. We did end up with 2 tv's and it only took us about 2 hours from start to finish....not so bad.
As soon as we got home we both crawled right back into bed and slept for another couple of hours:)

Around lunch time H and I picked up Mary Madeline and Marisa and headed to Northpark to meet Camille and Julianna. It was a mom and daughter day. We have to teach them early...right???
Of course we had to eat at Bistro N, I had to have some french fries, I truly cannot get enough of them.

I forgot to take a before picture, but here are all of our very empty plates...delicious as usual.

Me and my little girl.

All of us after our yummy food....ready to tackle the mall.

We had a great day of shopping. We all found a few things for ourselves, but not too many that's just terrible.

Hey girls, this should be a forever tradition.....Gianna, you must NOT work next year, we needed you.

Love to you all.


Thanksgiving in our family is....HUGE!!!!!

Since I am one of eight and all the girls are married and my parents are both from big families, that means our Thanksgiving is, well, ....huge!!!

But, it is the most fun......

Here is a few of them praying before dinner.

My sweet H infront of the food table...way too much food.....yummy.
We had such an awesome day.
Corey, H and I have so much to be thankful for this year. We have a beautiful home, a very healthy family and the most amazing gift God could have given us...Madeline.
We are constantly in awe of God's love for us.....we are THANKFUL!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Belly Pics

These are not soooo good, but I promise I will learn from my mistakes and do better next week.....

14 weeks

18 weeks
She is growing so much. Last night I was laying down and she was a huge, hard blob on my left side....and killing me, but I am loving EVERYTHING about it.
Thank you God for this wonderful little girl who is growing so miraculously inside of me.

Christmas shopping for the baby

This weekend is the "Neath the Wreath" craft fair in Plano. It is so awesome!!! Last year I went for the first time with mt sister Gianna and we went again this afternoon. Last year was hard because they have a ton of baby stuff. I was so sad that I was unable to buy anything due to the miscarriage that we had just had, it was tough. Well, I just couldn't wait to go this year. I hardly even looked at all the Christmas stuff, I was totally focused on baby.....and boy did I find some stuff.

Here are a few pictures of all the loot Madeline already has.....I heart her.

This is a beautiful brown quilt with her name in pink, if you can't tell.

I had this onsie made...double T on the front and her name on the back...I think her Daddy is just going to love it. (sure wish I could figure out how to turn this picture).

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Registry

My wonderful friend Stephanie offered to help me register last night. I was so grateful to have her and her expertise, I am not sure i would have known what to do without her.
Here are a few pictures from our fun night..........
We went to Babies R us, but I think I am going to need to register somewhere else too.....any suggestions???
This is the stroller we decided on....soooo cute!!!

Steph trying to figure out the highchair.
Then, we were off to, I might just say, my favorite restaurant......Bistro N at Nordstroms....YUM!!!

Eating our very good dinner. I am sad because I forgot to take a picture of our appetizer....They have the VERY best FF in the whole world, and yes, that is what we had to start with. What can I say when you have to pregnant girls at one table.

Thanks Steph, I love you and couldn't have done it without you!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sick of being sick:(

I finally got in to see the dr. yesterday afternoon. He prescribed an inhaler for the tightness in my chest and took blood to rule out a bacterial infection. And he also said I needed to rest, I am on my couch resting. I need to be a t work, I hate being sick!
I was worried about the baby so I asked him if we could listen to her was perfect. He said she was doing just fine..what a relief!!!!
Thank you for all the prayers.

I can't believe it either, but I an Sick AGAIN!!!!!
This is the 3rd time in 5 weeks...ridiculous.
Now, I know it has a lot to do with the fact that I am pregnant and probably more to do with the fact that I work with eight 5 year olds that do not have the best hygiene...but seriously. I am sick of it!
More importantly I am worried about little Madeline. I have tried so hard not to take too much medication, but I do have to get up and go to work. So, I am nervous...have I over medicated my little girl??? I have called the dr. twice today and still have not heard back from them....frustrating!!!
I'll keep ya posted when I know more.
Please keep our health in your prayers today.

Love to you all,