Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Month

UPDATE......No big news, but we will start trying again this month. No chlomid this time.
I am sad today.
I found out this morning that this was not our month to conceive our baby. This is new to me. You see...this has never been our problem. Whenever we tried we have always gotten pregnant and I have always felt blessed with that. So I was for sure it was going to work this month too. Today has been full of emotions...sadness, anger, pity all wrapped up together.
Side note..... I am early this month, just 21 days and this seemed a little odd to me and Dr. M.
I have spoken to my nurse and I have been told to call back tomorrow with details of today and tomorrow. Meaning...pain level, flow...all of that fun stuff. They may even want to do an ultra sound. I really do not understand what is going on.
All I know is no matter what...I trust you Lord!
Love to you all,

Sunday, June 7, 2009


My Loving Wife,

You truly are an amazing individual that has never lost sight of having a child. Your perserverance has strengthend me in ways you cannot imagine. Through these trials, I have felt your pain, watched you suffer, and cried out to God.....why? It is all in the hands of God and our time will come soon to bring a child into this world. Please keep the faith and believe God has a plan for us. We can do this, baby!

But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.
-Romans 8:25
You are amazing!!

Love, Corey

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OUCH!!!!!! Be prepared for yucky pics:)

Saturday night we had our 1st ER incident as a family......

H's mom dropped her off around 6:30. She had already had dinner, but Corey and I had not and we were starving! I called Camille to see if we could let H play for an hour while we went to dinner, she said "send her over." We very quickly grabbed her scooter and helmet, have to be safe, and jumped in the car. H was already putting on her helmet and immediately jumped out to play when we pulled up to the house. J, my niece, was already outside. The mosquitoes were biting so I ran inside to get the bug spray. Before I could get back outside J came running to the door saying H had fallen. I ran outside and looked waaaayyyy down the street to find H face first on the concrete. I sprinted and I mean sprinted down there to assess the damage. My first instinct is to check for blood, there was I thought.

I reassured H that there was no blood and she was fine. She continued to SCREAM that it was her TOE!!!!! At that time Corey had made his way down there and we both looked at the toe then at each other and said, "we are going to the ER."

We got her in the car, made a call to her mom and headed to the ER. Where we proceeded to spend the remainder of our evening. The doctor asked us what had happened. H told him all about the accident in great detail. He asked what kind of shoes she had on....we all cringed when we had to tell him she was wearing flip-flops. I know, I know...we managed to ge the helmet, but no tennis shoes. I felt horrible:(

She was incredibly brave and never cried again. Not even when they did this......

Yep, that is her pinky looks like a finger!

Here it is all fixed up.

Here she is with her momma.

And with her daddy.

And here they are helping her out of the hospital.

Over all, it was a great first ER experience. H is doing much better and is already walking on her foot...thank goodness.

Ghost Bar

Tiff invited Corey and me to a very fun party at the Ghost Bar. It was a promotion for a wine that Robby, her husband, supplies. Fun! Fun! Fun!....

Me and beautiful Tiff

Me and Corey

Corey and the girls

It was a great night....thanks Tiff!