Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here is my sweet little girl in her adorable costume. She is an 80's girl just in case you couldn't figure that out.

Oooooo...I just love her!!!
Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Update and a Name!!!!

We had another appointment with Dr. B last Friday. He checked her heartbeat and said everything sounded perfect. He even said we didn't have to come back for an entire that's big! We were going every 2 weeks, sometimes even every week. What a relief. Corey was so sweet...when we got into the elevator as we were leaving he leaned back and let out a huge sigh and told me how happy he was that this appointment wasn't scary like all the rest. Like we are finally in the clear. It was really a great moment.

Here are the last two sonogram pictures that we have gotten.

here she is at almost 11 weeks

this is a close up of her sweet little face at 14 weeks
And....I do think we have decided on a name......
Madeline Marie
Madeline after my Mamaw who's name was Madeline and who just passed away and Marie after my amazingly, beautiful and wonderful Mom. Two of my most favorite women in the world!
Oh yeah, and some how my sweet sister Mary Madeline thinks she fits in there some how.......(I'm not gonna tell her, but she really does...he!he!)
Love to you all!

Monday, October 26, 2009

She must love the rain

I felt my sweet baby kicking me last night. She must have know I was up listening to the rain and thunder. I was up from 11:30-12am feeling the tiny little thumps and again somewhere around 4am. I was so happy to be up with her and sharing that moment. It will be one I never, ever forget.

I just love this little girl.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Halloween

I love, love Halloween and decorating for it, but only the cute and happy scary stuff here.

My sisters and I can't wait for October 1st to get our decorations up....sometimes we don't wait...he! he!

I thought it would be kinda fun to post what I did this year, it seems that every year it changes.

here is my mantle

this is the front entry table

coffee table

this is the "before" picture of the wall above our kitchen table someone looking at me???? Camille gave me this adorable clever.

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Today is a Good, Good Day

We had our 14 week appointment today.
It was with a "high risk" doctor. He was looking at the thickness of the babies neck and the nasal bone. Both were perfect!!!
I had been on pins and needles all day today waiting for this appointment. I knew that either way, whatever the results were we would be ok because we have our Savior who loves and protects us. I had a feeling that things were just going to be ok.

They were so good that we were able to find out what we are having.
I asked the dr. that if he could tell what we were having that I wanted him to write it down. I did not want to find out there in the office.
Once we left we went strait up stairs to the newborn nursery to see my mom, she works there. We decided that we wanted to share this moment with her. We waited and waited for her..she was a little busy with other new moms and babies. I gave her my camera, you know I had to document, to capture this special moment. Corey and I read it together. It said.............................

Wait for it.......................................................................................................................................................

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!! (at least we are 98% sure)

Words cannot describe the feelings we both had and still have. This baby girl is such a true blessing.

The moment we found out

That card says....It's a Girl!!!

I love you mom, thanks for sharing this moment with us.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A letter to Baby Bumble Bee

My sweet little baby,

Yesterday we had our first appointment with Dr. Brough. He is our OB. I already miss Dr. M, but I know we are in great hands. Daddy was not able to come with us so I asked the next best person...Nana, (my momma). Dr. B did not do another sono, but he did let us hear your beautiful heartbeat for the very first time. He said it was 160 beats per minute, some people say that means that you are possibly a little boy...:) I was sad Daddy was not there to share that moment with us, but it was so very special for me and Nana. We both just cried when we heard that sweet sound. You are already so, so loved.

We went from a very sweet day to a very sad day today. We buried your Great Grandmother Mamaw. She was my Grandmother and a very wonderful woman. Other than my mom, she is the strongest women I have ever know. She will be so missed. I know that you will never get a chance to meet her, but I was grateful that you were able to be with me today at her funeral.
Beautiful Mamaw

I love you sweet Bumble Bee,
Your Mommy

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christi and Scott's Wedding

We had such a fun weekend in Austin.

It was Christi and Scott's amazing wedding. They were both so happy and so sweet. My favorite part was when Scott finally saw Christi walk down the aisle...they were both in tears, so of course, I was in tears. It was truly a wonderful day.

Here are a few pictures of the fun day......

The bride and groom

The tables were so pretty

Me and Corey...not sure what he's doing:)
I love you both so much and was so honored to be a part of your special day. I know it was a long time coming and I am so glad that I was able to be there and witness such a beautiful and pure love. God bless you both.