Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A day of projects

When I woke up this morning I had NO idea what was ahead of me.
Now, there is something you should know about my sister Gianna....when she wants to work....we WORK!!!!!
The projects I am about to show you were ALL, and I mean ALL done today..and there is still a couple I'm not even posting because I am doing some finishing details on.

I found this frame at was an awful matte gold when we brought her home. I wish I would have taken a picture of her that day. Since then she has gone back and forth from my house to Gianna's probably 4 times.....But, today she is home to stay!!

First, Gianna painted it this very pretty turquoise. It was a little too bright for my home

So, we decided to add a little black glaze to it

And how it turned out
soooooo pretty

I found these very cool shutters at an antique store with Camille for a steal.
They have been in my car for 2 or so weeks cause I wasn't sure what to do with them.
I liked the green so G and I decided to "dry brush" which we had to teach ourselves how to do via you tube:)

before after

Then Gianna decided, and I agreed, that I had way too many red lamp shades for one house to have. So...whats a girl to do but get out her sewing machine and begin making ruffles....what else???

I love how it turned out, except when I put it back on the lamp and turned it on you could still see the Not sure what I'm gonna do now.

But, here it is on the mantle...what do ya think????

And finally, I was on the hunt for a craft table so I could move out of the dining room.
I found one for better than a steal on craigslist. My momma and daddy were so wonderful to go and pick it up for me and hold it till we could come and get it. I had no idea what an ordeal it would be , but I'll just say amazing parents carried it and loaded it on a truck by themselves...they ROCK!!!!

As soon as we got it home Corey got bust taking the varnish off so I could paint it.

After I painted it I added some brown paint and then topped that with more white. Then, me and Gianna sanded and sanded and sanded. I think it turned out great!!!!

It was a LONG day, but very successful.
Maybe we will get more done tomorrow!!

love to you all!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life of the Party

Last night we were invited to a 50th Anniversary party.
It was so much fun, but I was a little worried about how Madeline would be. I don't know why because she is always perfect...she proved me right...she was lovely the entire night.

Pop, Nana, and Madeline

Our sweet girl

Aunt Camille

I almost died when I looked over to see Madeline sitting on Pop's lap..she was looking up at him with her hand around his back....priceless

Our first dance

Mom and Dad dancing

This was the end of the night...10:00pm...I couldn't believe she was still awake

When we got home she was ready to I had to bathe her so she would get into her nightly routine...shortly after she was sound asleep:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Play Date

Today Madeline and I had to get ready for our big play date!!!
I had to run and wash my hands so I set her in her crib and she LOVED it! She was giggling so much that I had to grab the camera...of course as soon as I did she lost her smiles:(

I am pretty sure she was pretending to be asleep so I would stop flashing the camera in her eyes..ha!

I put her in her exersaucer and she seems to like it for a bit.

A little while later our friends came over.
This is little Lauren and Madeline holding hands..I think they love each other..just like her mommy and I do:)

Here's a close up of those sweet hands

Baby Christopher...Mary's son
So, so sweet.

Mary and Steph...Steph has my baby..not hers...where was little Lauren??

And here are the girls right before they left...I don't think Madeline wanted her to leave.

We had such a nice time...thanks girls for coming out.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just another Thursday

My pumpkin and I got up this morning and got all dressed up to go to the store!
I am having two of my friends, Mary and Steph whom I've known since Kindergarten, over for lunch and a play date tomorrow and we needed some things to make for lunch.
Madeline was such a doll and had all the little old ladies in the store swooning of her.

How could you not swoon over this sweet little face.

Madeline has been such a cuddle bug after she eats so I had to capture this moment.

Then Aunt B came over so we could go out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.

And after dinner I wanted to get this craft done. It's a burlap wreath. I love how it turned out, but lordy, lordy burlap is messy and itchy.

I hung it right over my sink and I think it warm up my kitchen

Hope you all had a fun Thursday.

love to you all

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I've gone bow/dress crazy

First, let me begin with some sweet pictures....

Madeline and Daddy

Madeline and Aunt Camille

Now...for some sweet little dresses.....

this one's for Halloween

I really love this one, but I'm not too fond of the ribbon color. I am on the hunt for the right blue, or...I just may add an M in hot pink and then add hot pink ribbons..we will see:)

This one WAS going to be my favorite. I worked SOOOO hard on the hem and monogram. Then, when I went to sew it together I realized I had her name on the side, not the front:( Boo hoo, I was sad, sad, sad. I'm pretty sure I am still going to have her wear it and pretend like I meant to do it:)

So...after I finished those dresses I decided she needed a bow to go with every single outfit she has or plans to have. Well, really..the thing is I found a tutorial on how to make them and just couldn't stop. I have plans for tons more.
Anybody out there need one??? I'm can make them for about $3.00....just let me know.

love to you all

Friday, September 17, 2010

I am.......

  • grateful for a God who loves me regardless of my many faults
  • thankful for Corey who works so hard to allow me to be home everyday with Madeline
  • sometimes afraid
  • in love with my daughter Madeline
  • in awe of the examples of love that my mom and dad continue to be even after 47 years of marriage
  • so happy to be a step-mommy to Hannah
  • at times, extremely insecure
  • tapping into my creative side by fulfilling a dream of sewing
  • most happy when I am making others smile
  • loving to bake
  • obsessed with blog world
  • sad to not be teaching and also wondering how all my little cuties are doing this year as first graders
  • wishing I really knew how to pray well
  • wanting to be a great mommy
  • afraid to let people see me upset
  • thankful for friends from all walks of my life
  • thankful for 3 sisters who individually amaze me everyday, whether it be by their beauty, strength, fellowship, grace, or spirituality...I love them
  • thankful for 4 brothers who I don't see or talk to near enough
  • resentful of mental illness
  • sad Madeline will never know Mamaw
  • totally and utterly in love with the amount of kisses I get to give Madeline every single day
  • crazy about my husband
  • hopeful that I will become a better Christian
  • obsessed with "clean-sheet"day
  • in love with any thing sweet

I am so many things, but most importantly......
I am grateful!!!!

love to you all

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Baby and a New Dress

Just a few pictures of my sweet girl!!!

And here is her latest dress.
She wore this the other day and she was adorable...oops, I forgot to take a picture:(