Friday, December 23, 2011

early christmas gift

I just couldn't take it one more had to give Madeline her BIG gift early.

We decided to get her this Pottery Barn chair a while ago, actually after she saw her friends and wouldn't get out of it. It is kinda pricey, at least to me, so I had to find a way to cut the cost. I had originally thought I was going to order it online and have them monogram it, but after seeing how much it would cost and that they would only monogram it in white I was discouraged. Then I remembered we had a store close by. They told me they actually had it in stock (saved on shipping) and then they told me I could take it to a place to have it monogrammed. That place was way too expensive so, to save a little more, I monogrammed it myself. I really would have liked to have had her whole name on it, but my machine can't do it that big.
Over all I am thrilled about the money we saved and I do like how it turned out.
I as you can see the little sweet pea loved it too......

and then it became a toy

Merry Christmas Madeline

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